We are involved in a project with 15 million euros in revenue and more than 300 job positions.

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A Shared Story

ESTUDIOS E INVERSIONES DOS, a holding company of the Blanco Sarto family, has extensive experience in strategic investments. With over 80 years in the industry and after launching and consolidating brands like Balay, Ebromotor, or Sartopina, it has achieved an annual revenue exceeding 15 million euros and employs more than 300 people.


The History of Balay

Do you know the origin of this home appliance company and our close relationship with it?


ESTUDIOS E INVERSIONES DOS originates from a family-owned holding company, the Blanco Sarto family, with a strong presence in the automotive sector through brands like Sartopina and Ebromotor. Additionally, it has a significant presence in the world of home appliances, with substantial involvement in the history of the well-known brand Balay. Currently, it participates in projects that employ more than 300 people.

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Some Figures of Estudios e Inversiones Dos, Reflecting Our Perseverance, Work, and Commitment.


Millions of € in revenue

Years of Experience

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